Join us at the Women's Conference on Everyday Miracles, where we celebrate the extraordinary wonders that unfold in our ordinary lives. This empowering event is designed to inspire and uplift women, reminding them of God's miracles that surround them every day.

“I will meditate on your majestic, glorious splendor and your wonderful miracles.”

Psalms 145:5

During the conference, we will delve into various aspects of daily life, exploring how seemingly small moments can hold profound significance. Through engaging keynote speeches, an interactive workshop, and heartfelt discussions, we will encourage each other to embrace the beauty and the amazing of the everyday in God's kingdom.

When is the Conference?

Saturday, August 26th from 9AM - 4PM

What is the Cost?

The cost for this one day conference is $40.

Breakfast & Lunch

Light breakfast will be served along with coffee, tea and water.
Lunch will include a sandwich, chips, cookie and drink. You can select your preference when you register.

Incredible Speakers

Women from all walks of life that have inspiring backgrounds and testimonies. They are Everyday Miracles.

Hands-On Crafts & Games

Our exciting activities will be fun-filled, inspiring, and interactive. We will have a workshop followed by our take on 'The Price is Right' gameshow. Get ready to have some FUN!


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Join us at the Women's Conference on Everyday Miracles as we celebrate the beauty, significance, and transformative power of the ordinary. Prepare to be inspired, uplifted, and filled with gratitude for God's miraculous creations as we delve into the wonders that surround us and embrace the miracles that touch our lives each day.

Our Speakers

Join us as Demi, her mom, Patti Brown and Channel 4’s Lauren Trager share Demi’s remarkable (and miraculous) story of Demi being cured of  Severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID) through a stem cell transplant.  God put all the pieces in place before she was even born.  The transplanted stem cells worked wonders, eradicating the disease and restoring Demi's health in a way that defied medical expectations.  The connections and coincidences are alone a miracle.
Cathy's journey of overcoming abuse was guided by her unwavering faith in God and the support she found in Celebrate Recovery. Through prayer and seeking solace in her faith, Cathy discovered a profound strength within herself that enabled her to break free from the chains of her past. Celebrate Recovery provided a safe and nurturing community where Cathy could openly share her struggles and receive encouragement from others who had experienced similar hardships. With God's love and the empowering tools she learned in Celebrate Recovery, Cathy experienced a miraculous transformation, healing her wounds and reclaiming her life with newfound joy and purpose.